Biggest Fish In A Small Pond?

13 09 2009


After adding another 3 points today with beating Cardiff City at their home, Newcastle United is back at the top of the table in the Championship League. We have won 5 matches, drew 1 and have not yet lost. The 5 that we have won were against clubs that range from the top to the bottom of the table. Today’s win was a huge 3 points for us. Also we had a very strong showing against Reading a few weeks ago which gave us another 3.  

This winning has been going on while the clubs admin has been acting in last weeks episode of “The Days Of Our Lives”. So with all the behind the scene drama, an owner that maybe going to prison for shady business dealings, and only picking up a few new faces during the transfer window…..we are WINNING! So why do you think this is? Is is because we are fighting for our lives? Are we trying to prove that we don’t belong here? Are we just pissed and embarrassed? Or is it because we are just a bigger fish in a much smaller pond?




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