Among the Thugs: September Edition

22 09 2009

September Notes:

Promotion Theme:

As you can see we have instituted a theme change.  Based on consultation with blogging experts (we are strictly football fans who write) we were encouraged to be sure to give more love to our friends.  So instead of leaving our footy friends stranded at the bottom of our site, they deserve to be right up top.  We all know that nobody reads us enough to actually scroll beyond the most recent post, so welcome to the top of the table friends.

Match Events:

Not much in terms of marquee match ups anytime soon.  The next one of interest is probably Liverpool vs. Chelsea on October 4th.  Again, if you are interested in attending, email us.

Among the Thugs Official Beer:

Reminder, we have decided to create an official beer for ourselves.  Our first candidate (to be honest, it will probably be chosen) is still leading the as the “official” drink of the group.  We sampled two more beers over the past month, a Belgian style Wit which is unnamed so far, and a Mead appropriately named by Jacob as “Added Time”.  Jason has been tasked to write the official posts regarding the creation of each so stay tuned.  Neither one of these apparently knocked Ale Nino off of pole position.

Boxing Day:

The plans keep getting bigger and better.  We already have confirmed numbers for attendance to this glorious event.  Again details will follow, and if you are interested in attending, email us.

Footy Friends:

New footy friend for the month is  Check out this site for all news Arsenal.

Abbey Sponsorship (still pending):

Our Abbey, The British & Dominion Social Club, is a members-only association.  This includes a membership fee, which none of us are too excited about paying for.  It is our goal to create enough traffic on our site to where they would be interested in sponsoring all of us, in exchange for us writing about our experiences at the Abbey.  So tell your friends to stop by and check us out, and help us with our views.

Thank you all for your viewing and comments.  We are doing our best to keep all of our followers informed with our angles and stories.




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