van Persie announces new line of protective head gear.

22 09 2009


Arsenal striker, Robin van Persie, who was maliciously stepped on by Manchester City striker Emmanuel Adebayor, has decided to  bring players’ safety to the next level.  The new protective face gear is similar to that of the clear plastic shield worn by NBA players to protect broken noses and cheeks, but has an added flair that only van Persie can provide.  As pictured above, not only does it offer the same protection as the clear shield, it offers a handle for easy support and feather that will match your kit no matter what club you follow.

Well done Robin!


We’ll be Owen him more than just a breakfast. Manchester United 4 Manchester City 3.

21 09 2009

For me, Owen is now worth his weight in gold.  Even if he does nothing else this year (I doubt that will be the last we hear of him) he has made his mark on the season.  What a game my friends.  Absolutely epic has been my phrase all along.  If you haven’t seen the highlights, give me a call and I will re-watch the entire match with you.  Seriously.

There are no words, so why even try.  From celebrating to cursing, twice, I was emotionally spent after my victory lap around the house, not to mention completely winded.

Match summary provided below:


19 09 2009

Stevie Wonder is blind. He is unable to see. Yet, he has the audacity to sing about the glory of the “Red, White and Blue.” Uh, hello? He can’t see… anything. How does he know what a color is? He could be singing about the glory of “Red, Toaster, and Cumulus Nimbus” and have no clearer idea of what he’s singing about… “Stevie Wonder” is how I feel about the state of Premier league football living in Stanton, California; blind and slightly overweight.

We watch football for the people, the characters, for the blood & sweat competition, NOT for numerical digits beside our team’s name indicating who is winning… Try watching a synopsis of an Aston Villa game on a tiny iphone screen, knowing that you’re missing their exhibition of majestic talent once again. Hey Stevie Wonder, why don’t you sing about those breathtaking views of golden sunsets one more time you jackass!

Do I have a solution to this problem? No. Buy Fios, buy ESPN 57, move to the land of lonely dentists, I’ve heard it all before. .. I want my football spoon-fed to me at my leisure!! I AM AN AMERICAN!!! Doesn’t that count for anything anymore? If the glove don’t fit, you must acquit! Don’t ask how, I want it now!

This tantrum is because I miss you Aston Villa. I miss your face. I miss your musk. I miss the way your nose crinkles ever so gently when you head-butt a Chelsea chimp in the face. AV, I’m going to say something and if you don’t like it you can send it right on back… I want to be on you.

Newcastle United 3 Plymouth Argyle 1

19 09 2009


The Magpies quickley bounced back to their winning ways after their first loss of the season to Blackpool early this week with a win today over Plymouth Argyle. Yes I know Plymouth have yet to win a single match but they are bound to win at least one this season and if it had been against Newcastle then the question “Is Newcastle for real?” would be asked all over town. But thankfully that win was not against the geordies.

With West Brom destroying Middlesbrough 5 to nil, Newcastle are sitting in second place with 19 points behind West Brom who has 20 points. I know the season has just started and there is so much football to be played but as you look at the Championship League table you do see teams just starting to pull away. I’m sure in a month or so we will be able to follow more closely the race for promotion and relegation.

Next stop: 3rd round of the Carling Cup on Tue 22nd against Peterborough United. Then back to the Championship League Sat. the 26th against Ipswich Town.

GO NUFC!!!! We don’t belong in this league!!!!!

iPhone burns hole in leg. Manchester United 1 Besiktas 0.

16 09 2009


I love Champions League football.  And ever since I watched the movie about the 50 year anniversary of the competition, and saw the history behind the trophy, I was hooked.  I love everything that it represents and I understand why so many players consider it to such a high honor to win.  The only thing I don’t like about it is the fact that the games start at 12PM out here on the European football desert known as the West Coast.

So I did what I normally do when I cannot duck out of work and head to any place that has ESPN (I have even gone to the gym to watch matches).  I set up the gamecast on my iPhone, and set it on my leg.  For those of you who do not have an iPhone, it really is the perfect device for this, and it also reaches temperatures upwards of blazing hot when you are constantly using the processor.  When I am watching a game via a gamecast I don’t trust the world of “instant updating” or “no need to refresh this page” so I constant refresh the page on my own in hopes that I am as close to watching it live as possible.

And there I was in a meeting, leg on fire, constantly looking down at my lap.  I’m sure I looked silly, but I didn’t care.  I needed to read every update coming from the gamecast commentator (how do I get that job?).  When I saw “GOAL Scholes!” I sat there with the biggest smile on my face.  I’m smart enough not to yell out or fist pump, but I couldn’t contain my glee.

Obviously I can’t give too much commentary on the match since I was watching it through, what seems like, a series of text messages, but the match highlights were underwhelming anyway.  The main thing is that United got 3 points on the road and begun the trip to our third consecutive final with a victory.

Aston Villa FC-Best Ever!

13 09 2009

It is the opinion of these writers that AV is clearly the premier team in the league.

Biggest Fish In A Small Pond?

13 09 2009


After adding another 3 points today with beating Cardiff City at their home, Newcastle United is back at the top of the table in the Championship League. We have won 5 matches, drew 1 and have not yet lost. The 5 that we have won were against clubs that range from the top to the bottom of the table. Today’s win was a huge 3 points for us. Also we had a very strong showing against Reading a few weeks ago which gave us another 3.  

This winning has been going on while the clubs admin has been acting in last weeks episode of “The Days Of Our Lives”. So with all the behind the scene drama, an owner that maybe going to prison for shady business dealings, and only picking up a few new faces during the transfer window…..we are WINNING! So why do you think this is? Is is because we are fighting for our lives? Are we trying to prove that we don’t belong here? Are we just pissed and embarrassed? Or is it because we are just a bigger fish in a much smaller pond?