Hit the snooze bar please. Manchester United 2 Sunderland 2.

5 10 2009


United quickly turned in their worst performance of the season, even worse than the defeat at Burnley.  I guess this is what I get for calling the Mackems toothless.

Sunderland took the game to an uninspired, uncreative, borderline predictable United team, and should have walked out of Old Trafford with all three points in their grubby little paws.  A miraculous bit of play from Berbatov, and an own goal created from a horribly directed, yet powerful, strike from Evra saw United steal a point, and keep the loss column steady at 1.

Time to heap praise on my boys like any good fan would do.  Ladies and gentlemen,  this is what Champions are made of.  Every team will have their eventual “let down” match.  The one match that you overlook, or count as a victory before the kick off.  This was that match.  Toothless Mackems at Old Trafford?  Even Ferguson didn’t bother to put two pieces of gum in his mouth.

United would have, could have, should have lost this match, but didn’t.  A last second gasp got us level and if we had two more minutes, the winner would have come as well.  Champions find a way to get the points even when they don’t deserve them.

Glory, glory…




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