MAN CITY… euphemism for Gomorrah or lucky football team?

5 10 2009

Today, Man City was able to squeeze out a tie with the honorable, lovable Aston Villa Villans. Does this mean they are actually in the same league, the same caliber as AV? No, of course not… Picture Man City as a metro-frat boy freshman at his first college party; He sports a Tom Brady Pez dispenser filled with TJs finest roofies, offering one to every drunken coed he passes. Will said Metro Frat Boy score? Probably. Does this make him good? No. Does this make him lucky? Well, more sleazy than lucky… But he’ll score none the less. So if Man City wants to celebrate “getting lucky.” Go for it. But mark my words, soon Man City is going to grow out of its Abercrombie jeans and faded polo shirt and realize all they have to celebrate is a 3 month reprieve from herpes and very lucky game with the legends of Premier, Aston Villa.




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