11 10 2009


I guess for some the World Cup Qualifing matches are a wonderful show of national pride. Watching your country’s team go head to head with the worlds best could and should be very exciting…..BUT IT’S NOT! Maybe it’s because I’m a yank but I could give a rat’s ass about Kraplakistan vs Turdlakistan. I’m sure once the World Cup is here it will be a different story but for right now I’m bored out of my mind! Don’t get me wrong, I will be cheering for team USA but lets put it in perspective….I don’t own four team USA jerseys, a team USA flag, a team USA scarf and I don’t check the reports 10 to 12 times a day on the latest team USA news. Deep down I really don’t care. So let’s get this last week over with and get back to whats really important….focusing on our own club’s success and in my case getting our ass out of the Championship League and back to were we belong.

GO NUFC!!!!!




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