That Makes Sense….

11 10 2009




For a few months now you all have been reading some unusual posts here at Among The Thugs written by an Aston Villa fan named Andy. I know Andy personally for he is my brother.  And when Aston Villa sent me into a deep depression by beating Newcastle United in the last match of the 08-09 Premier League season and sending us to the Championship League, it was no surprise to me that my brother, new to the wonderful world of English football, chose the very club to support that caused me such heartbreak. But…..I was wrong. I recently got the Fox Soccer Channel and was watching Aston Villa play and it hit me. My brother Andy looks quite a bit like Brad Friedel, the Villians keeper. Since my brother has spent 90% of his life bald he is naturally drawn to others who share the same look. So when you are reading Andy’s next article, no doubt one that will destroy me, you will have a little more of an insight into who this bold, witty, and bald Villian is.





One response

12 10 2009

OH NO HE DIDN’T… I’d now like to quote from another tub of lard, Big John McCarthy, when he said “Let’s get it on!”


What’s that silent beat you ask? Oh nothing, just me taking my gloves off.

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