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14 10 2009


One of my biggest gripes with the game of football generally focuses itself on the performance of the referees.  Ferguson’s latest rant about this topic is priceless.  I wasn’t going to initially post on this subject (his comments were made immediately after the match versus Sunderland, read more here) since I felt that what he said was classic and didn’t need further comment.   I knew that his comments would cause a stir, and that eventually Sir Alex would offer an apology.  I thought that it would end there or maybe a bottle of wine and a few good laughs later it would all be forgotten about.

This was not the case.  After Ferguson offered his apology, Alan Leighton, the head of the refs, or also known as “the national secretary of the union Prospect that represents match officials,” claimed that the apology was “half-hearted”.

First of all, what a horribly gay title, and second of all of course it is half-hearted!  He didn’t mean it you utter moron!  This was the best quote from Ferguson:

“I was disappointed with the referee. He didn’t add on any time for the goal. He played four minutes and two seconds. He was also walking up the pitch for the second goal needing a rest. He was not fit enough for a game of that standard.”

Freakin’ classic.  Classic, because we have all yelled this at a ref sometime in our career no matter what sport we play or follow.  This caused quite a stir with referees and apparently caused Mr. Wiley to consider his future in refereeing.  Who knew they were so sensitive?  Leighton went on to react as if Ferguson called his 8-year old daughter fat:

“Referees are very fit…they have sports scientists who test them regularly throughout the season. They don’t just pass a fitness test at the start of the season. Their body fats and BMI are regularly monitored, there are get-togethers every two or three weeks where they are put through extensive training and testing.  I think the punishment should be a UEFA-type coaching ban, which is rather more than a touchline ban. Referees always accept decisions are going to be pored over – they have no problem with legitimate criticism.”

I can almost hear his high pitched defensive tone.  My daughter isn’t fat, she has a glandular disorder which causes her to retain water when she eats food that is high in sodium.  Sure Mr. Leighton, all of your children are in perfect shape and make no mistakes.




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14 10 2009

LOL! That ref is a fat ass! LOL!!!!!!

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