Among the Thugs goes Worldwide.

15 10 2009


Our stupid antics are finally paying off, and now we have proof that what we say actually matters.  Take that all of you who roll your eyes the second the topic of football comes up!  Both lips, both cheeks, mmuah, mmuah, mmuah.

JustWebsiteReviews is a site that helps market websites, “to give an honest and well-written appraisal of any website in the world. ”  They do an excellent job researching and writing about the different and interesting sites all across the web.  We especially appreciate all of the new football websites that are promoted there as well, and will be frequent visitors.

Many thanks to this writer!  I think we did you one better now.




2 responses

16 10 2009

Okay Sean you got me there, let’s call it a draw shall we?

16 10 2009

Done, as long as we keep promoting each other!

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