NEWCASTLE GAMBLES; recruits new blood. HOPE AT LAST!!!!!

15 10 2009

Newcastle coach, Alan Shearer said Wednesday that the Muddled Magpies are in negotiations to acquire Habib Miyan as lead striker for their ailing team. When pointed out that the 137 year old New Delhi man had never actually played football in his life, and was in fact stone-cold blind, Shearer responded, “What he lacks in vision he makes up in speed. If we can land Habib “the terror” he’ll be the most athletic, talented player on our team. We’d be lucky to have him.”

Among the Thugs will keep you posted as the story… hold on, this just in… Habib Miyan has just passed away at the age of 137, just 3 weeks shy of his 138th birth—Hold on… we are now hearing that Newcastle is NOT rescinding their offer and are in fact still hoping Habib will start for them this weekend, despite his death.

Good luck with that Newcastle. Wish I could watch your games but Aston Villa relegated you to the depths of loser hell. Suck it.

Jacob sucks. Newcastle sucks.




3 responses

15 10 2009

Hey dumb ass Shearer, aka Sting, isn’t our coach therefore your joke sucks and not very funny. Be careful my Ass-ton Villa friend, you may force me to cheer for Chelsea this Saturday…………….ahhh you know I can’t bluff. I could never cheer for them! You are a douche though!

15 10 2009

Newcastle changes their coaches more often than Aston Villa adds another trophy to its case. It really gets difficult to keep up…

16 10 2009

The second joke would have worked better if you were a United fan.

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