Liverpool F.C. 2 Manchester united 0

26 10 2009

Oh yes this has been a great weekend. It has been my pleasure to treat my good friend Sean to a six-pack.  I set the clock at 7:oo am right when the game started because i didn’t want to wait.  I wanted to just wake up and just turn on the tv and watch. Watching the game rubbing sleep out my eyes, I could clearly see that Liverpool was back. They were playing with heart again. Yes, I heard the talk that our big name  players were injured and we can’t win without them.  But after watching the Reds play this game, there was not one player on the pitch that I wouldn’t call a big name.  They all owned it. Another thing I liked about this game was Man-u looked good, their defence looked good and was spot on. We beat them at their best.




4 responses

27 10 2009

Atta boy Liverpool!! Man U sucks!

28 10 2009

That would hurt more if we were in 7th and you were in 2nd. But alas, that is not the case.

28 10 2009

Your second cause of the reds and by the way were 5th.

29 10 2009

J, that was meant for the Villian.

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