Mr. Mike “The Jagoff” Ashley

27 10 2009

Newcastle-wanted is reporting that Newcastle United owner Mike “The Jagoff” Ashley has taken the club off the market. Ashley has also pledged to put another 20 million pounds into Newcastle this week to keep them financially stable following his unsuccessful attempt to sell the club. In a statement released by Ashley he plans on renegotiating the clubs sponsor and kit deal, which expire at the end of this season, as well as welcoming offers for the stadium naming rights for next season. Mr Jagoff also anounced that caretaker boss Chris Hughton accepted the offer of permanent manager.{to read full article }

First off, Chris Hughton has done an excellent job running things amongst the chaos, but does he have the balls to fight for players during the transfer window? Can you really see him standing up to Mr Jagoff? I can’t.

Secondly why the hell is Ashley NOW willing to put money into the club and attempt to maximise its commercial revenues? Isn’t that what an owner is supposed to do from the start? Who the hell is this guy?

I’m trying to wrap my mind around this whole thing: relegated…hiring Shearer…selling to a buisness man from Dubai…selling to Moat…not selling to Moat…giving Moat more time…selling to an American based company…going into administration…now taking the club off the market and changing the name of St. James Park…….WOW! Good luck Jagoff!!!!!! I hope you know what your doing!!! Way to make new friends douche!!!




One response

28 10 2009

I can’t wait to see the new name for St. James!! Too…many…jokes…I think I just wet myself.

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