The Damned

4 11 2009

I want to thank Sean and the other thugs for allowing me to voice my opinions here.  No you will probably not see me post videos of me in my underwear saying that the other teams suck (we save that for our bald-headed gorilla friend who supports Aston Kutcher), but instead I will try to provide you dear readers with higher stuff.

That said, I’m sure no other thugs are readers of Powerline, and so they miss out not only on a great conservative blog, but also the musings of other American EPL fans.  Just today Paul Mirengoff posted on a new film called The Damned United, in theaters now.  The film is about Brian Clough and his short term as manager of Leeds United, a team with former glory in the Premier League, but who are currently sitting atop the third tier in League One.

Check out the post, and then maybe the film too.  Heck we might even have to have a thugs field trip to the local cinema.

the-damned-unitedMan U sucks!  Chelsea 1-0 on Sunday.




7 responses

4 11 2009

I liked this movie better the first time I saw it when it was called, “Mr. Darcy takes a wife.”

Stop with your Merchant Ivory lovin’ Chelsea bandwagin’ bitchin’!! YOU SUCK! YOU SUCK! CHELSEA SUCKS!! YOU SUCK!!

That was fun when we beat you. Hail Aston Villa. Chelsea sucks!

4 11 2009

….more latte Buffy?….what did the NASDQ close at today?….I love my Prius!….I love to read Powerline as I crap on my silver toilet!! I HATE CHELSEA!!!!!
Did you really use the word “heck”? What the hell was that?!?!?!

4 11 2009

Morons, your bus is leaving.

4 11 2009
Shawn M.L.

Mark, POWERLINE this: CHELSEA really really really sucks. Did you powerline that? No, seriously, did you powerline that?

4 11 2009

Make me better Mark!

Typical Chelsea fan.

5 11 2009

I can only make you better if you want me to Sean. Just like a drug addict, or whore, you need to understand you have an illness called Man U. Intervention this Sunday.

5 11 2009


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