NEW CONTEST: Chelsea look to rename the Bridge. Let the games begin!

5 11 2009

stamford bridge

Chelsea look to take Newcastle’s lead by renaming Stamford Bridge.  While Newcastle is looking to sell its naming rights for two pints, a shepherds pie, and a new jersey for Monty, Chelsea have assured everyone that it will “need the millions such a lucrative sponsorship deal would secure.”  Of course it will, you’re run by a billionaire.

Now before you let the creative juice flow, so to speak, Chelsea’s new chief executive Ron Gourlay has promised that the words “Stamford” and “Bridge” will remain.  Who knows why he had to separate them into individual quotes, but I assure you that means more money one way or another.

So let’s hear it! (that means you Andy)




2 responses

5 11 2009

Rainbow Stadium, Chip And Dales Arena, Uhhhh……Stupid Stupid Stadium,

16 07 2010

Stamford Bitch

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