Sean: Not The Only One Hurting This Week

8 11 2009

Mes maux de coffre!

Didier Drogba took a full force cleat to the chest and will be feeling the effects this week… but the one nil victory Chelsea secured over Man U at Stamford Bridge should help ease the pain.  In a fiercely fought battle that featured many contested calls, and many fouls uncalled (ie. cleat to Drogba that drew a yellow card for him instead), it was a late goal by John Terry that gave the Blues the W.

That makes it twice this year that Chelsea has come out ahead against Man U, but is most important for the 5-point lead it has now created for the Pensioners at the top of the premier league, with Man U now having to share second place with Arsenal.

It was a sloppily called game by the refs and the free kick that Frank Lampard sent Terry’s way was the benefit of a suspect call.  Overall, not the way you’d want to see a game won, but one that will be accepted nonetheless.





4 responses

8 11 2009

Drogba is such a big baby bitch!!! I’m sure that cleat to the chest hurt but he didn’t have to lay there and go into convulsions just to get the refs attention. He got up 2min later and was running and playing as hard as he did all game. What a BITCH!!!
Good win Marky but dude I really hate Chelsea!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

9 11 2009

Convulsions, or a dance? You know how Londoners like their boy bands.

Do the Drogba, do the Drogba, get busy, go,go…

9 11 2009

That is actually one of my biggest frustrations with the game is the flopping and crying and scheming to get calls. All it does is create an environment where everyone has to play along lest they miss out on the chance for a phantom foul. It is seriously the most annoying thing I can see with football, and it really cheapens what is actually taking place out there.

With that said, I’m sure the cleat to the chest didn’t feel good… but you’re right, if you are up and playing again in 5 minutes, then you look like the little kid searching for attention. Which they are.

10 11 2009

Thank you Drogba. My family will no longer be using the term “drama queen” we will now say “drogba queen” .

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