Sir Alex = Richard Simmons

12 11 2009

Wiley, before the matchSir Alex Ferguson went all fitness guru on referee Alan Wiley and is now banned from his bench for 2 games this season, plus 2 more next season, for saying Wiley was unfit… aka ‘a fat lump o shite’… after Man U’s Oct. 3rd draw with Sunderland.  Ferguson said that he was convinced after he saw Wiley sneaking bites of a Luther Burger from inside his uniform.  It was further confirmed when Wiley was twenty minutes late for the second half because, as he said, “Blimey, the line at concession was bloody long.”

I want to give some serious respect to Sir Alex, or as Sean calls him “Big Daddy”, for this honest reproach of Wiley.  I hate a culture that demands pc behavior, so if a ref is fat you should be able to call him fat… regardless of whether the Queen has knighted you or not.  Cheers to you Sir Alex.


What do you mean we're out of chips?!?!!




One response

12 11 2009

LOL!!!!!!!!! That is brilliant!!! Call them like you see them!!

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