1st semester grades are in. You suck!

29 12 2009

Today I came across two interesting reports, one by Norman Hubbard from ESPNSoccernet discussing the “The Premier League’s Christmas turkeys”, and the second by Goal.com choosing “Premier League Worst Team Of The Season”.  Both of these articles discuss players who have fallen way short of their expectations for the first half of the season.

On our Boxing Day radio show, Mark brought up the topic of who each of us thought was a top performer so far this season.  Piggybacking on this idea, I thought it would be an interesting exercise for everyone to examine their team and choose the hugest disappointment so far.  Keeping that selection in mind, jump to the articles linked below and see who Norman and Goal.com chose from your team.

ESPN: The Premier League’s Christmas turkeys

Goal.com Special: Premier League Worst Team Of The Season

Agree?  Disagree? For Manchester United, Norman chose my third pick and Goal.com chose my second.  Can you guess who the first was?

The Premier League’s Christmas turkeys


Aston Villa wins…even in defeat.

27 12 2009

The truth behind the Aston Villa vs Arsenal match…

Boxing Day

23 12 2009

We are proud to announce we will be broadcasting live on the day after Christmas, otherwise known as Boxing Day.  Join us for a special holiday episode of Among the Thugs on Blog Talk Radio.  We’d love for you to join us by phone or chat.

Call-in # is (917) 889-7276. Show starts at 10:00am (PST). Lineup of matches is below.

Listen to Among The Thugs on Blog Talk Radio

Pre-Smack 3: Aston Villa vs Arsenal

22 12 2009

A light smack to tide you over…

Championship League Relegated

18 12 2009

Seriously… the new Fox Soccer website absolutely blows.  Not only has Microsoft ruined everything, as usual, but they launched it with a shite load of bugs so that it didn’t even work properly for a few days.  In fact all the fixtures were all in Spanish until earlier today.

Also, poor Jake & Shawn are going to have to find news elsewhere since FSC could care less about the Championship League as they have no content or links for it anymore.  Not that I blame them.


A box full of acorns. Manchester United 0 Aston Villa 1

14 12 2009

Well done Villains. You took your chance, we didn’t take ours, and we missed out. On a weekend full of surprises (read: Tottenham, Manchester City, Chelsea) United had a golden opportunity to take full advantage of a weekend of dropped points. Instead we chose to drop them ourselves.

Not to say that Villa didn’t deserve the points, but we did have our chances. Once Gabby headed Ashley Young’s perfectly place cross into the goal in front of the Stretford faithful, Martin O’Neil called his best defensive strategy into action. For well over 50 minutes of the game, Villa played with all 11 players behind the ball, and most of them content to sit in the penalty box. With that Andy gave me an early Christmas present; a bitter defeat laying in a box full of Acorns.

Aston Villa WINS!!! …Andy gets to gloat

12 12 2009

Aston Villa 1, Man U 0 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!