A Beautiful Day To Be A Thug

6 12 2009

Yesterday turned out to be such an amazing day for all of us here at Among The Thugs. This wonderful day started out watching [refreshing my computer] Newcastle beat Watford 2 nil and continue to create distance from the rest of the Championship pack. This makes me [Jacob] and Shawn very happy!

Then Arsenal took to the pitch with Stoke City. Arsenal won 2 nil. Not really a good-looking match but 3 points is 3 points. Arsenal bounced back from their loss last week to Chelsea to keep hold on to the third place. This makes Louie very happy!

Aston Villa hosted Hull City and the villans man handled the tigers as they went on to a 3 nil victory. Bye Bye Phil Brown!!! This win helped keep Aston Villa in 5th place and get back to their winning ways. This makes Andy very happy!

Then Manchester United traveled to West Ham where SAF had stolen the hammers mascot and used it to drop 4 goals. West Ham had no answer and are still bobbing up and down in the relegation zone as Man U stays tight on Chelsea’s heels. This make Sean very happy!

Next Liverpool visited Blackburn and ended with a nil nil draw. With Liverpool not playing up to Liverpool’s standards, many supporters may not be to happy with a draw. But I say” a point is a point!!!! “. At least you didn’t lose!! This should make Jason happy!

Last we look at the highly anticipated match between Chelsea and Man City. Two teams that we here at Among The Thugs hate above all others! But which team do we hate the most? To be honest I don’t think we knew…..but we do now!! Watching Chelsea fall was beautiful!!! This makes me, Shawn, Louie, Andy, Sean, and Jason VERY HAPPY!!!!! ………..sorry Mark!!





3 responses

7 12 2009

Here here!!

7 12 2009

Nothing like losing and still being solely in first place. Hmmm, I guess we’re pretty special.

7 12 2009

Well said Jacob. And yes Mark Chelsea are special. Like a well “oiled” machine.

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