English Phrase of the Month: Transfer Kitty.

25 01 2010

Since the transfer window is open, I thought that it would be an appropriate time to discuss another one of my favorite football phrases.  The Transfer Kitty.  I expected to go on to Wikipedia and find pages of information discussing the intricate details of this all important phrase, as well as the history of past kitties, or kittens.  However that was not the case, so here is the American interpretation.  Yes, I know that sounds like “get ready for a few words of simplistic ignorance”, but remember American sports is all about “show me the money”, so we have been programmed to follow the money.

The transfer kitty is the money that is given to the manager by the owners to spend in the current player market. This is based entirely on the financial strength and ability of each club taking their current lot in life into consideration.  It is a glorified allowance, but when you put a British spin on the word, it makes it sound grand.

That’s right NBA, NFL, MLB, the manager, not the President, the GM, or the owner’s son, is given a set amount to spend. They don’t have to wait for someone in the Executive Office to call them and let them know who they just traded, released, or purchased.  They are the ones making the call to the Office.

The manager then has the authority to spend on players that he deems best for his squad.  The manager knows the team best, and that is why he is given the kitty.  The manager can then dip into the market and see how far the kitty will take him.  Since any players can be bought and sold during the transfer window, the negotiations are sometimes tedious, but the rumors make waiting very exciting.


Fox Soccer Plus

13 01 2010

New network to air more soccer… most importantly, more Barclay’s English Premier League.  Can only be a good thing, and in HD.  Let’s just hope Verizon FIOS carries it.

On a separate note.  I still hate FSC new website. MSN you blow.

Cech This Out

7 01 2010

So I know I have personally been frustrated with Chelsea’s defense, and Petr Cech’s goal-tending specifically… all as Chelsea has flopped around this last month and failed to make any headway in the League.  I am not alone in this sentiment, as many posts on the web, and fans have made clear.  That said, I feel I must step back a little from this attitude as I look at the statistics for this season.

Which goalkeeper is it that has the lowest Goals Against Average? Is it Joe Hart?  No, he has the most overall saves… but it is Cech, with a .84 GAA over the season.  Which team has the lowest amount of goals scored against them? Man U?  No… it is Chelsea with only 16 goals allowed.  Who has the most clean sheets this season? Certainly not Andy Brown (seriously, his bed is disgusting)… No, it is Petr Cech and Chelsea FC with 10 shutouts so far.

Is he the same player he was before his head injury and subsequent unfortunate wardrobe choices?  I don’t know, I never watched him back in the day.  So I think it may be in my best interest to hold my tongue till the end of the season (my very first, for crying out loud) before I protest anymore about my keeper.  As the saying goes… he may be a son-of-a-bitch, but he’s my son-of-a-bitch!

Official file photo released by Barclay's Premier League public relations office. Not a bad photoshop by Mark.

Thugs Fans Support…?

5 01 2010

Just for fun, thought it would be interesting to see what teams the visitors to this site support.  If there are more than 2 Newcastle fans I will be very surprised… them being a minor-league team and all.

Go Chelsea.