Thugs Fans Support…?

5 01 2010

Just for fun, thought it would be interesting to see what teams the visitors to this site support.  If there are more than 2 Newcastle fans I will be very surprised… them being a minor-league team and all.

Go Chelsea.




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5 01 2010
No.17 Cherry Tree Lane

By default: Manchester United.

Cutest uniform/gear: Aston Villa.

6 01 2010

Why has nobody mentioned anything about the great and almighty Manchester Utd. losing to a league 1 team?

6 01 2010

Oh we have definitely on our Facebook page… but you are right. It is sadly missing on the blog right now.

6 01 2010

hmmm not suprised that Newcastle is our biggest club….not suprised at all.

6 01 2010


6 01 2010


What did you do? Did you have your kids and wife vote X 2?

So when does Sunderland get their team emblem on the banner of the blog?

Also, not sure how you do it for a blog but the team emblems should have an image map link to their respective teams home page.

7 01 2010

What can I say……the peoples voice have been heard!! GO NUFC!!!!!

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