Cech This Out

7 01 2010

So I know I have personally been frustrated with Chelsea’s defense, and Petr Cech’s goal-tending specifically… all as Chelsea has flopped around this last month and failed to make any headway in the League.  I am not alone in this sentiment, as many posts on the web, and fans have made clear.  That said, I feel I must step back a little from this attitude as I look at the statistics for this season.

Which goalkeeper is it that has the lowest Goals Against Average? Is it Joe Hart?  No, he has the most overall saves… but it is Cech, with a .84 GAA over the season.  Which team has the lowest amount of goals scored against them? Man U?  No… it is Chelsea with only 16 goals allowed.  Who has the most clean sheets this season? Certainly not Andy Brown (seriously, his bed is disgusting)… No, it is Petr Cech and Chelsea FC with 10 shutouts so far.

Is he the same player he was before his head injury and subsequent unfortunate wardrobe choices?  I don’t know, I never watched him back in the day.  So I think it may be in my best interest to hold my tongue till the end of the season (my very first, for crying out loud) before I protest anymore about my keeper.  As the saying goes… he may be a son-of-a-bitch, but he’s my son-of-a-bitch!

Official file photo released by Barclay's Premier League public relations office. Not a bad photoshop by Mark.




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