Good News, Bad News pt. 2

27 02 2010

Oh wait, there’s only bad news.  Chelsea loses at home (which we don’t do) 2-4 to Man City.  Cech is injured from our Champions League match against Inter Milan and is out for a month, and our backup tender can’t keep a one-year old from crawling past him.  Michael Essien and Ashley Cole are still out.  John Terry is playing like a man who can’t concentrate because of something going on in the news… not quite sure what that may be.

All in all, Chelsea is hanging on by a prayer to the thought of pulling out the title.


Good News, Bad News.

19 02 2010

During Manchester United’s weekend off, also known as the fifth round of the FA Cup, I had a chance to re-watch the match versus Arsenal one more glorious time.  As I watched the replay of the second goal, I focused in on the determination that is Wayne Rooney.  If you haven’t had a chance to witness this goal, it is one of the best I have seen.  Not because of the finish, but because of the build up to the goal.

As I watched Wazza initiate the break and then gallop 80 yards to finish off the play I was struck with a severe case of good news, bad news.  Rooney is coming into his own.  He is becoming a world class player.  This is not just my opinion, but the opinion of his manager, someone who has seen his fair share of footballing stars.  And he proved his point by netting two midweek against AC Milan at the San Siro, proving he is not just a talent on English soil.  That is the good news.

What could possibly be the bad news about this you ask?  As much as I hate to admit it, Rooney is shouldering the hopes and dreams of all United supporters for this campaign.  Now his shoulders are broad, and his determination may be enough to see us through, but we are one injury away from disaster.  It showed when he came up limping against Hull and all of Old Trafford fell silent as if mourning the loss of a football legend.  Once he began running again were we able to breath.

That is the bad news.  But I’ll take the good with the bad, I’ll take them both, because there I have the facts of life.

Doing The Math

15 02 2010

In looking at the remaining matches for Newcastle United and their campaign for returning to the Premier League… looks really really good! Here is the break down:

-NUFC currently sits on top with 60 points
-16 matches left
-8 are at home where we are currently undefeated
-5 of our 8 home matches are against clubs we have already beaten
-3 of our away matches are against the 3 clubs currently at the bottom of the table
-1 of our away matches is against a club with a loosing home record
-currently 5 points from 3rd place with a game in hand

Looking back at the past 5 seasons in the Championship League the average amount of points that the 1st place club had was around 86 points. The average amount of points the 2nd place team had was around 82 points.

So if we just play the historical card we only need to win 50% of the rest of our matches to return to the EPL {where we belong}. But who wants to slip back up into the land of top form? Not me. I want to blast back up! SO COME ON LADS!! NO MERCY!! NUFC FOR LIFE!!

Happy Valentines Day From All Of Us Here At Among The Thugs

12 02 2010

Found this song {thanks to Louie, I guess this is his first post} and wanted to share it with ALL of you. Thank you for supporting us!

Real Reason John Terry Was Stripped Of Being Captin of England:

8 02 2010

BREAKING NEWS: We here at Among The Thugs have just acquired a video tape that has not yet surfaced to the main stream media. We have managed to make friends in some very high places and through careful and delicate exchanges we have put ourselves in prime position for stories like this one:

The real reason John Terry was relieved of his captin duties was do to a video of him being interviewed by a detective inside police headquarters in London. The video tells of some pretty heavy criminal activity and how Terry is right in the mix. As you will be able to tell we have obtained this tape through some of our foreign relations [hence the sub titles]. Proud to bring you this tape and proud to be on the cutting edge of football journalism.

The Poll Has Closed: Who is the fan favorite and best around?

8 02 2010

After retrieving  all our backed up data here at Among The Thugs and de-coding all the schematics that we acru on a daily basis, I was able to decipher the results of our “Thugs Fans Support…?” post. With an amazing response and surprising number of viewers, this post has been one of our biggest and most popular todate.

With over 11,500 voters here are the results:

-Arsenal comes in dead last with 2%

-Other 4% {wow….other beats Arsenal….maybe Louie could post about that!!!}

-Liverpool 6% {…..lemon juice to an open cut…..ouch}

-Man U 10% {suprising}

-Aston Villa 14% {with a side show like Andy I’m sure the villa numbers will continue to rise}

-Chelsea 28% {proves that there really are a lot of stupid people in this world}

-Newcastle United 36% { Not really suprising at all! We are the peoples club}

 With just over 4,100 votes supporting the magpies it is safe to say that the people have spoken…… and the best around is………..NEWCASTLE UNITED!!

Theres A New Sheriff In Nottingham

8 02 2010

For all of you out there who could give two craps about the Championship League and the latest news on Newcastle United, I just wanted to give a little update:

Newcastle is still at the top of the table with a record of 17-8-3 and 59 points. We are still undefeated at home. Based on previous promoted clubs scores, Newcastle will need to win around 10 out of the next 18 matches for promotion back to the EPL.

WBA is currently in second place with 56 points. They have been on Newcaslte United’s heals all season long. WBA looks to be making a very strong case for promotion along side the Magpies.

Now up until this point I personally have had no problem with bouncing back and forth between 1st and 2nd with WBA. The distance from 2nd to the playoff positions have had a wonderful fluffy cushion. But now a club has emerged and I’m starting to get that same old nervous feeling every weekend. This club has now put the pressure on NUFC and WBA to play at top form for every time they step out onto the pitch. Say hello to Nottingham Forest. They have blasted their way as far as 2nd place and are only down 1 point to WBA and sit very comfortably in 3rd place {10 points between 3rd and 4th place}.

The last thing I want to see is our promotion desided on a playoff. Thanks to Nottingham the rest of the season is going to be very interesting. I’m sure we will see many positions shift from week to week. Lets get ready! The road to May should be fun!!!