AB the Giant, R.I.P.

6 02 2010

Dear Thugs fans, it appears that our dear Andy (or AB the Giant as he is affectionately known) must have contracted the dreaded swine flu and died alone in his glorious two-bedroom Stanton Manor.  We will all miss AB and his humorous (and popular) video smack talks.  AB was a die-hard Aston Villa snob fan, and rooted for them dearly as they fought it out around 4th place.  But as the Villains have won only one of their last five matches and fallen to 7th place he has grown suddenly, and sadly, quiet.

We hope to hear news of him actually being alive and well… but until that time, we must assume the worst.  Let’s hope he went out talking smack to St. Peter.

Rest in peace... our huge, beastly, giant, bald friend!




One response

18 02 2010

I’ve merely been lying in wait… like a ninja, waiting to attack. Time is on my side.

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