Theres A New Sheriff In Nottingham

8 02 2010

For all of you out there who could give two craps about the Championship League and the latest news on Newcastle United, I just wanted to give a little update:

Newcastle is still at the top of the table with a record of 17-8-3 and 59 points. We are still undefeated at home. Based on previous promoted clubs scores, Newcastle will need to win around 10 out of the next 18 matches for promotion back to the EPL.

WBA is currently in second place with 56 points. They have been on Newcaslte United’s heals all season long. WBA looks to be making a very strong case for promotion along side the Magpies.

Now up until this point I personally have had no problem with bouncing back and forth between 1st and 2nd with WBA. The distance from 2nd to the playoff positions have had a wonderful fluffy cushion. But now a club has emerged and I’m starting to get that same old nervous feeling every weekend. This club has now put the pressure on NUFC and WBA to play at top form for every time they step out onto the pitch. Say hello to Nottingham Forest. They have blasted their way as far as 2nd place and are only down 1 point to WBA and sit very comfortably in 3rd place {10 points between 3rd and 4th place}.

The last thing I want to see is our promotion desided on a playoff. Thanks to Nottingham the rest of the season is going to be very interesting. I’m sure we will see many positions shift from week to week. Lets get ready! The road to May should be fun!!!




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