Doing The Math

15 02 2010

In looking at the remaining matches for Newcastle United and their campaign for returning to the Premier League… looks really really good! Here is the break down:

-NUFC currently sits on top with 60 points
-16 matches left
-8 are at home where we are currently undefeated
-5 of our 8 home matches are against clubs we have already beaten
-3 of our away matches are against the 3 clubs currently at the bottom of the table
-1 of our away matches is against a club with a loosing home record
-currently 5 points from 3rd place with a game in hand

Looking back at the past 5 seasons in the Championship League the average amount of points that the 1st place club had was around 86 points. The average amount of points the 2nd place team had was around 82 points.

So if we just play the historical card we only need to win 50% of the rest of our matches to return to the EPL {where we belong}. But who wants to slip back up into the land of top form? Not me. I want to blast back up! SO COME ON LADS!! NO MERCY!! NUFC FOR LIFE!!




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