Don’t call me psychic, but I am good.

8 03 2010

Just days after my post about United’s lack of striking options, ESPN reports that Sir Alex is ready to spend on a striker come the opening of the summer transfer window.  I know what you’re all thinking, but no, we only talk every couple of weeks.

The title of this post has the smallest hint of sarcasm since it is clear that this is where United needs the most support.  Saying we need a new striker is like saying Manchester City needs class, or Portsmouth needs money.  So what exactly is the relevance of this news? I think there are a few reasons why this “news” made the front page.

First, Sir Alex is reassuring everyone that he is aware of the current needs up top.  Second, he is assuring United supporters that even in this current economic crisis with the Glazers, he still has the £80 million to spend.   Third, he would like to put the footballing world on notice that United will be in the market this summer, so put your prettiest ponies on display.

Ferguson was reluctant to spend on players in January, because 1) the market price for a player is a little inflated, and 2) this price is worse in January because teams are desperate to fill obvious voids and are willing to pay even more for less, therefore the rate is even more inflated.

Ferguson gambled on skipping this last window, and this now has heaped even more pressure on to Rooney.  Now with a bum knee, Ferguson sees how dire the straits may be.  With the young Diouf showing his current lack of finishing ability (under construction)  against the Wolves, United have now exposed the glaring weakness.

Fielding a team without Rooney in the lineup simply lacks bite.




One response

8 03 2010

Dioufus is what I call him. He wasn’t as bad as that idiot from the Wolves who missed point blank.

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