The “Fog on the Tyne” Has Cleared

5 04 2010

Almost a year ago the fog rolled in around Newcastle upon Tyne, Long Beach CA, and in my heart. Getting sent down to the Championship League was like getting kicked in the face by a steel-toed work boot and bloodied and bashed and left for dead. But today, April 5th, 2010 Newcastle United, after completing 41 matches, have secured promotion back into the Premier League {where we belong}. Nottingham Forest drew with Cardiff City today which officially delcared us promoted and with a 2-1 victory over Sheffield United and a continued unbeaten home record, the Fog On The Tyne has in fact cleared!!!!! WE ARE BACK LADS!!!!!

On a personal note: I am honored to be apart of this club. Seeing these guys grind out wins at times, destroy clubs, and deal with all the off the field drama is part of the journey. Im proud to call myself part of the Toon Army. Im proud of the lads who call themselves NEWCASTLE UNITED!!! NUFC FOR LIFE!!!!!!!!!!




2 responses

5 04 2010

Well said, Jacob. Well said.

NEWCASTLE United will be playing Premier League football next season!


6 04 2010

Congrats Jake!
As for the video. It’s almost like each member of that band represents a “portion of a little you”. From your gay mustache or the hair the hair that creeps out from behind the back of your pants…a little bit of you.

Miss you much, and the part I like most is I’ll be sure to point a whole lotta people to this video so that they’ll think I’m funny and never know you had anything to do with it.

Hey Lou. It was you who got me into this howabouta post?

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