My heart was broken.

7 04 2010

But not at the precise moment you may think.  I do hate Robben with a passion.  It may be due to his association with Chelsea, but there is something about his smug face, little boy voice, and amazingly horrible goal scoring celebrations (nice face) that just makes it burn.

But it wasn’t his wonder strike that caused me heart ache.  It was the act of the young tough-nosed defender, Rafael.  I have grown to love this lad.  He plays with dedication, energy, spirit and most of all passion.  A passion that sometimes runneth over.  The 52nd minute second bookable offense by this lad turned the game from a tense but positive affair into a nail-biting, strategic, defensive stand for United.  And with more than a half-hour to go, the task was going to be next to impossible.  And in the end it was.

I am proud of my Red Devils and the display that they put on tonight.  They played with heart and a belief that they are the best in the world.  Up 3-0 after 41 minutes seemed to solidify that belief.  But that is football.  I will not blame the loss (on aggregate) squarely on the shoulders of this young man.  It was written on his face as he walked toward the Stretford End.  I want players with that type of passion named in the starting lineup.  As a fan you must take the good with the bad, as well as the misplaced passion.  He only wanted to win that bad.  And so did I.




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