Ferguson mistakes “inspiriation” pills for roofies.

12 04 2010

Sir Alex was looking for a response to the bitter Champions League exit with a victory at Ewood.  He reached deep into his bag (because that is where all good managers keep their inspiration) and pulled out a gem of a line up (sarcasm).  I am not one to question Sir Alex, and I’m sure that the shake up in the starting 11 was designed to give the team a boost, but it appears that the pills at the bottom of his coaching bag were not inspiration but rather desperation.

I don’t think playing Blackburn at Ewood offers an opportunity to really shake things up.  Blackburn is fairly consistent at home, raking in most of their points in these fixtures, so now is not the time to start handing out rest or debuts.  O’Shea in for Evra, not something I would have done.  Handing Macheda his debut, not something I would have done.  Scholes and Giggs anchoring the middle, questionable.

The lackluster play summed up our worst fears, and those changes proved costly.  That and the play of Berbatov, in fact Berbatov spent most of his energy complaining and waving his arms in disgust with what his teammates.  I think if he put the same amount of energy into his shot, he would have equalized at Chelsea, and gave us the vital goal at Ewood.

I think the fans are the ones with the losing hangover.




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