Manchester United announces shock loan deal.

9 05 2010

In a shocking twist of events Manchester United announced today that it will be loaning out the premier league title and trophy to Chelsea for the next year.  Sir Alex said that the loan deal would be a good experience for the trophy considering it was getting complacent sitting in the same trophy case, honored by the same fans, for three years straight.

For you parents out there, this loan deal is much like watching your son or daughter leave for a study abroad program.  You know that they will go out, they will party, they will rarely study, make questionable friends, maybe get arrested, but they will eventually long for home.

The trophy will go out and party like a call girl with Ashley Cole, be a part of a racy photo shoot with Drogba, and get involved in a womanizing scandal with Terry, and when the dust has settled and the glitter, make up, and soul-glow has been washed away, the trophy will long for it’s home, Old Trafford.




One response

9 05 2010

Any chances that Man U will sign that same loan deal with Newcastle at the end of next season? I can promise culture and the love from a town as if they have never had such a signing in their life.

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