Glenn Beck Makes Me Laugh

12 06 2010

I was reading an article on one of our footy friends and they had posted an article { } that I felt needed to be reposted in a way on our site. It’s about a conservative talk show host and Fox TV host here in the States named Glenn Beck. On his radio show he had a segment on the World Cup. He goes on for about two mins ripping soccer and ripping the World Cup. He compares the World Cup to the Obama administration {huge slap in the face} and basically says that no one here in the states really gives a crap about soccer.

Listen here:

Whats funny here is that he really has not done a lick of research on his topic. He really makes himself sound very foolish and really like a douche when the facts show that Americans really do like soccer and there is a growing interest in the sport { }.

Mr. Beck….get your facts straight and stop making an ass out of yourself!!

Thanks for the info and story! Love you guys!!




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