Vuvuzelas to the the EPL?

15 06 2010

I love the EPL.  I have ever since I was little.  It is a close second to my family.  Just like your family there are very few things, or next to nothing, that will cause you to turn your back on it.

The Vuvuzela is one of those things.  This is the skeleton in your closet, your dirty little secret, or your hidden love for Chelsea, the thing that once discovered will cause you to be shunned by those you love.

In an alarming report released on ESPN today revealed that these horrible devices may be unleashed on the beloved EPL.  When I saw the headline I laughed out loud.  “Not in my beloved EPL! They would not stand for such things!”  Thinking this was a joke, I read on looking for a punch line.

I thought I found it when the article read, “Nothing in our rules specifically prohibits musical instruments from being brought into grounds as these matters are dealt with at a club level. It will be down to stadium managers, in consultation with supporters groups, to determine what is appropriate.”

Surely the fans would not stand for this.  That quote was our saving grace.  It cannot be possible, right?

Then I was hit with this realization, “One bookmaker is already taking bets on which Premier League club would be the first to sell vuvuzelas in their team’s colors.”

Marketing material, sponsorships, club logos, dear Lord they can make a profit off of this!  We are hosed EPL fans.  Prepare yourself for the buzzing on the tele, the 8 year-old behind you with the iron lungs going at it for 90 minutes, and most of all, be prepared to see your club logo on the side of that disaster of a noise making instrument.

You want to know the worst part?  Slap a Manchester United logo on one of those bad boys, and yes you will see it at my house, and in my lap on game day.




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16 06 2010

“You want to know the worst part? Slap a Manchester United logo on one of those bad boys, and yes you will see it at my house, and in my lap on game day.”

-I love the honesty Sean, because I guarantee you would too. We just, for the love of God, have to make sure Andy never gets one. He’s like ten 8 year old kids in one huge mammoth air-producing body, and he would never stop.

28 06 2010
They should stick their Vuvuzela in their ...!

Vuvuzelas are so nosy that makes all the atmosphere on the public disappear. There is only a constant noise. No songs, no rummors, nothing. The public makes the sport but this is not the case if all you can hear is vuvuzelas.
I watch the games with the sound off cause I found them really annoying.
You can find on websapce a lot of articles from funny to sad, pro and contra vuvuzelas.
I’m against. I even created a facebook event against them

Keep quiet please! 🙂

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