A lesson on how to NOT referee another World Cup match.

18 06 2010

I apologize, but I must vent and I am “slightly missed” as my colleague Jacob puts it.  If you want a lesson on how to referee your first and last World Cup match than there is none greater example than what I just witnessed in the US versus Slovenia match.

What a disaster!  A phantom call cost the US a vital win in the second group match.  I don’t want to focus on the first half debacle of a performance that the US decided to produce (even I called the subs that were going to be made), the second half was an outstanding performance and more than deserved that third goal.

This great performance was disgraced by a call that no one could explain.  Offsides? A foul in the box? Neither were apparent in the replay and even Donovan’s interview at the end described a moment of confusion that turns out to be pure madness.  I am definitely one to question a referee’s decision making ability on a minute by minute basis, that’s just the type of fan I am.  But to not even know the call was (still sort of unsure) is an absolute travesty.  That goal was meant to be.  The comeback was meant to be.

Chalk it up to a “rookie” mistake, but that match was definitely a lesson in how not to succeed in World Cup refereeing.




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