Manchester United = Confederate Army

18 06 2010

The American Civil War was a very brutal and disturbing time the U.S. This war saw the division of many towns, friends, and families. We read about the country being dividing into two; neighbors turning against neighbors, fathers turning against sons, and BROTHER turning against BROTHER.

The war came down to two different beliefs. The south: which stood for a way of thinking that dehumanized men, women, and children. They held themselves up as being greater than the rest of the land and greater than all those who did not appear to look like them. And the north: which stood for freedom, freedom for all mankind. Liberty and equality for all.

With the 2010-2011 season’s fixtures being released earlier in the week we see a repeat of history and of what we all have read before. Brother against brother as Newcastle United will face Manchester United on their opening day match. Newcastle United are from the north and are a club that play for the people and for all of mankind. Manchester United are from the south [at least south of Newcastle] and perceive themselves as being better than the rest, just like the southern states during that tragic period in American history.

So Sean…my brother…we will have to do battle my friend. I don’t want to but we must. So in ending this post I have one question for you………….Who won the Civil War?

WE DID!!!!!




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