Au Revoir Caca Bouche

20 06 2010

Nicolas Anelka was just kicked off the French World Cup squad yesterday for getting into a heated argument with French manager Raymond Domenech. Cry Baby Anelka has been reported to have verbally attacked Domenech and then refusing to apologize. This all was stemming from team France getting their asses handed to them by team Mexico.

First of all a part of me would want to lash our irrationally if I was humiliated by team Mexico. CBA {Cry Baby Anelka} has been under a lot of pressure since the lack of performance in some of Frances World Cup friendlies and in the opening match with Uruguay which ended in a nil nil finish.

Secondly are any of us really surprised by CBA’s actions? Who does he play for in the EPL? What type of player is able to look at his face in the mirror every morning and still play for Chelsea? That type of person is the same one that would get kicked off his own country’s national team, have the ego to verbally attack your boss, disgrace the beautiful game, and think he is in the right.

Monsieur Anelka, you are a douche!




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