Biggest Win In U.S. Soccer History?

23 06 2010

ESPN has a new poll out asking that same question. With over 37,000 votes recorded an over whelming majority believe that this 1-nil win over Algeria is in fact the biggest win in U.S. mens soccer history. To be honest I really have to agree with this poll. Watching this match with my fellow soccer supporters, drinking beer at 7:00am, standing up and sitting down a thousand times, and knowing what a win would mean for this country was almost unbearable for 90+ min. But when Landon Donovan scored the only goal in the 91st min, all the stress left my body………in the form of a yell that made my throat so raw that it hurts to whisper even as I’m typing this post. This truly is an amazing day for U.S. soccer!!

I don’t really even feel bad for the Algerian team. Based on the way most of the players look I’m sure they are already headed to the nearest rave going on in South Africa. I actually read an article that said 12 players from the Algerian national team had traveled to South Africa with plenty of extra glow sticks, Ecstasy, pacifiers, and back up tight-fitting Algerian jerseys.

All in all well done U.S. Now bring on Ghana………rhea!!!!!




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