Sophisticated Thugs

14 08 2010

Your Thugs have grown up.  We are now the Yanks.  Why the Yanks, you ask?  It was pretty simple for us.  The second we walked into a pub wearing our respective jerseys, we felt judged.  Not in a stereotypical way, but in the way that makes you question if you belong.  Every time we strolled into a different pub it almost felt as if the entire room looked and pointed at us and yelled, “The Yanks! The Yanks are here!” even if it was only because of the way we looked.  We have been judged and this is how we respond.

Yanks Call it Soccer is our way to channel America’s judgment of the beautiful game and turn it into something that will prove our worth as fans.  We have the same amount of passion, love, knowledge as anyone across the pond.  We live and die each match day and bleed the respective colors of our team.  This is a collection of writers that have been joined together for one purpose.  We hope you enjoy the change.

We’re confident you’ll enjoy what’s to come.

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Yanks take over the EPL!!

10 08 2010

I love Aston Villa. I love the US…. to think that I may get my two favorite things in the same bottle brings a tear to my eye. It’s like being able to drop a deuce in Vegas while I smoke a cigar and nibble on shrimp cocktail. Tommy likey. Tommy want wingy. Hey Chuck, you know that new sound you been lookin’ fo? Well, listen to this…

United States head coach Bob Bradley is being considered for a career-defining move to the English Premier League with Aston Villa!!!!

Oh, and screw Martin “Shizzah eater” O’Neil!!!