The Thugs

Sit down class, and pay attention.  Have you ever wondered if you were meant to be born and raised somewhere else?  No disrespect to our great nation (I pledge allegiance…), but we here at Among the Thugs may have been misplaced in this world.

This collection of posts will guide you through the lives of 7 American Football fans as we chronicle our passion for a sport that our country somewhat ignores.  Through our sleep filled eyes (we are all West Coast based) we will attempt to share with you what football has done for us, or maybe to us.

Here we will attempt to explain ourselves.  This is where we will post our hopes, our dreams, our teams, and how we got to this point.  This will help shed light on where these thoughts will be coming from as you take it all in.  We also hope in some way this could serve as place to share, so our family and friends stop glaring at us every time we get together and bring up football the second we make eye contact.

This will be our place holder until we all get a chance to properly introduce ourselves.  To make it fair (yes we are enemies in every respect when it comes to football), most listings will be done alphabetically by supported team.  For example, in our blog header the logos go – Arsenal, Aston Villa, Chelsea, Liverpool, Manchester United, and Newcastle.

Sit back, grab a Guinness and enjoy.

Here is our lineup:

Louie – Arsenal

Andy – Aston Villa

Mark – Chelsea

Jason – Liverpool

Sean – Manchester United

Jacob – Newcastle

Shawn – Newcastle

Welcome to our site, check back here for more details soon,

The Thugs


9 responses

6 06 2009

Mark – Chelsea

9 06 2009

That’s quite a commitment. You may lose friends over it. Yes, it is that serious. You may want to take the summer to think about it.

10 06 2009

I don’t know whats worse, Newcastle being relegated or Mark picking Chelsea…….

11 06 2009

Anyone picking Chelsea.

6 07 2009

looks like a great line up, hope to read more of your stuffs.

4 08 2009

Katie from WDKF…. Good to see fellow Americans in the madness.
West Coast?
4:45 AM matches can’t be fun.

4 08 2009

4:45am is the worst possible time to draw. I dread seeing that time on the fixtures, because I know I will be on the couch, with the laptop on my lap, watching the gamecast on four different sites, and FSC on in the background showing me the latest in exercise products. The sad reality of the West Coast.

The Abbey is open for the big marquee matches at least, but Man U vs. Hull is not on their priority list.

5 08 2009

Was considering a move to San Diego and the 4:45AM kickoff and lack of decent pub culture kept me in DC.
7 hour flight to the Mecca in Manchester as well.

25 06 2010

I googled “european brothels” and this site came up. Might want to check on that.

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