Liverpool F.C. 2 Manchester united 0

26 10 2009

Oh yes this has been a great weekend. It has been my pleasure to treat my good friend Sean to a six-pack.  I set the clock at 7:oo am right when the game started because i didn’t want to wait.  I wanted to just wake up and just turn on the tv and watch. Watching the game rubbing sleep out my eyes, I could clearly see that Liverpool was back. They were playing with heart again. Yes, I heard the talk that our big name  players were injured and we can’t win without them.  But after watching the Reds play this game, there was not one player on the pitch that I wouldn’t call a big name.  They all owned it. Another thing I liked about this game was Man-u looked good, their defence looked good and was spot on. We beat them at their best.


City? or United?

22 08 2009

Those were  my choices to watch as I woke up this morning. Sadly I chose the city game partly because my dad being a city fan but  mostly I wanted to see them play.  As I was watching City vs. the wolves with my dad I was pointing out all the new players they got,  like there’s so and so he from arsenal, he from man-u, he is from villa, he is from Newcastle and so on. It felt like Johnny Cash was standing behind us singing ” I took one peice at a time”. It’s a song about a guy who worked at a chevy plant and would steal a peice of a car every day and as years went by he had enough parts to make his own chevy but when put the parts together it looked like a beast of a car. Thats how felt watching city play, alot of different parts not really working together as one. Miss passing or no passing at all and even the  set peices were not scary. What will happen when real pressure hits this team? This is one car you can’t take out on the highway because it just going to fall apart.

Ale Nino

3 08 2009

beer carboy

Ah, yes! The 2009-10 EPL season is about to start, and like the warriors of old we are readying ourselves for the battles that lie ahead. But instead of equipping ourselves with a sword and armor we’ll have our jerseys on and a pint in hand. English Football and great beer go hand in hand.

Two years ago I gave a friend a beer kit for his birthday. Looking a little confused as he opened his gift seeing buckets, weird tubing, long handle spoons and a case of empty bottles, only I know what he was being introduced to: a beer he can call his own. The first batch we made was a Red Ale. I watched him take his first drink with his eyes lit-up with a beer mustache smile on his face uttering, “This is the best beer.”  He kept saying, “This is good, no this is really good.”  I felt like I repaid him back for introducing me to the English Premier League.

Then the question came, what do we call it? And as we watched Fernando Torres (new to Liverpool at the time) score against some team I don’t remember, the announcer yelled, “El Nino Scores!!!!!”  Ale Nino was born. Described as a smooth, lightly malty, slightly sweet ale with moderate caramel flavor and low bitterness.  A great beer for match day.

The guns are loaded, or I should say, the batches are made, and the Jerseys have arrived.  So I say to you Reds, Gunners, Villains, Devils, and the Magpies, arm yourselves.  For the war of top flight is among us.


6 Lbs. Pale Malt Extract

1 Lbs. Crystal malt (grain)

0.25 Lbs. Belgium Special B Malt (grain)

0.25 Lbs. Black Roasted Barley (grain)

1oz. Mt. Hood (hops)

2 oz. Cascade (hops)

Suggested Liquid Yeast are: Irish or English ale

Steep grains in a covered sauce pan with 3 quarts hot water (around 155 F.) for 30 minutes.  After the grain has steeped, drain the grain and rinse grain with 3 quarts of very hot water (about 170F.) Save steep water and rinse water.

In a stock pot (stainless steel), bring 2 gallons of water to a boil.  Take off heat, add extract, stir, then add liquid from grains above and enough water to bring total volume up to 3 gallons. Put back on heat, bring to a boil, add Mt. Hood and continue to boil for 60 minutes.

Turn off heat, add Cascade hops and allow to, or force, cool by putting pot in sink with cold water. After cooling, pour wort into fermentation vessel. Add cold water to help cool and bring the total volume to 5 gallons.

When wort has cooled to below 80F., add yeast and ferment.

Allow beer to remain in the fermentation vessel for 2 weeks and then bottle or keg.

cheese stick anyone?

22 06 2009


Don’t worry, Magpies, I’ll post the picture. You guys went from looking like you work at FootLocker to looking like you work at Hotdog on a Stick. I was at work when I saw the new jerseys and I showed my chef and he laughed and said, “They look like the Mac’n cheese,” but hey like your new jersey you have to look on the bright side of things.  Like the cheese sticks they are really good.


23 05 2009


This weekend I saw Liverpool’s chances for the Premiere League title diminish after Arsenal failed to beat Man-U with a 0-0 tie giving the Devils the one point they needed to secure the title win as league champions. That being our last chance to grab some silverware this season, I felt disappointment but only for a moment. When I think about the season as a whole and how the Reds performed, I couldn’t be more proud of a team. They never gave up; never stopped fighting.

Some of the great moments looking back at this season for me was seeing the Reds beat Chelsea and put an end to their 86-game unbeaten streak at Stamford Bridge.

And sitting with my good friend Seany sharing a pint of Guinness at the Abby watching Liverpool crush Manchester United.  A 1-4 win at Old Trafford.

What can I say about the Champions League?  Liverpool overcame what Real Madrid could dish out which led us to a face off with Chelsea.  In the second leg, already down by 1-3 aggregate, the Reds took the field and played with hearts of lions. The match ended at a score of 4-4, leaving the Livers out of the Champion League. I felt beaten but not knocked down.

Someone once said, “Sometimes you have to lose before you can win.”