Sophisticated Thugs

14 08 2010

Your Thugs have grown up.  We are now the Yanks.  Why the Yanks, you ask?  It was pretty simple for us.  The second we walked into a pub wearing our respective jerseys, we felt judged.  Not in a stereotypical way, but in the way that makes you question if you belong.  Every time we strolled into a different pub it almost felt as if the entire room looked and pointed at us and yelled, “The Yanks! The Yanks are here!” even if it was only because of the way we looked.  We have been judged and this is how we respond.

Yanks Call it Soccer is our way to channel America’s judgment of the beautiful game and turn it into something that will prove our worth as fans.  We have the same amount of passion, love, knowledge as anyone across the pond.  We live and die each match day and bleed the respective colors of our team.  This is a collection of writers that have been joined together for one purpose.  We hope you enjoy the change.

We’re confident you’ll enjoy what’s to come.

Be sure to make the switch, reset the bookmarks, and update the RSS to our new home at: Yanks Call it Soccer


Among the Thugs announces an early Winter signing.

2 11 2009


Among the Thugs would like to officially announce the newest signing to our team.  Today we have officially signed Mark from an extended loan.  It was always going to take a special person with broad shoulders to carry this type of burden.  If you haven’t notice, Mark is stepping into hostile territory, but we are sure that someone of Mark’s stature will be more than capable of handling the abuse.  You will see how Mark’s quick wit and writing abilities will help him cope with the comments, remarks, and attacks directed toward Chelsea FC.  We look forward to his reports on all things coming out of Stamford Bridge.

Welcome Mark, you are now a Thug.

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Among the Thugs: September Edition

22 09 2009

September Notes:

Promotion Theme:

As you can see we have instituted a theme change.  Based on consultation with blogging experts (we are strictly football fans who write) we were encouraged to be sure to give more love to our friends.  So instead of leaving our footy friends stranded at the bottom of our site, they deserve to be right up top.  We all know that nobody reads us enough to actually scroll beyond the most recent post, so welcome to the top of the table friends.

Match Events:

Not much in terms of marquee match ups anytime soon.  The next one of interest is probably Liverpool vs. Chelsea on October 4th.  Again, if you are interested in attending, email us.

Among the Thugs Official Beer:

Reminder, we have decided to create an official beer for ourselves.  Our first candidate (to be honest, it will probably be chosen) is still leading the as the “official” drink of the group.  We sampled two more beers over the past month, a Belgian style Wit which is unnamed so far, and a Mead appropriately named by Jacob as “Added Time”.  Jason has been tasked to write the official posts regarding the creation of each so stay tuned.  Neither one of these apparently knocked Ale Nino off of pole position.

Boxing Day:

The plans keep getting bigger and better.  We already have confirmed numbers for attendance to this glorious event.  Again details will follow, and if you are interested in attending, email us.

Footy Friends:

New footy friend for the month is  Check out this site for all news Arsenal.

Abbey Sponsorship (still pending):

Our Abbey, The British & Dominion Social Club, is a members-only association.  This includes a membership fee, which none of us are too excited about paying for.  It is our goal to create enough traffic on our site to where they would be interested in sponsoring all of us, in exchange for us writing about our experiences at the Abbey.  So tell your friends to stop by and check us out, and help us with our views.

Thank you all for your viewing and comments.  We are doing our best to keep all of our followers informed with our angles and stories.

Link Addition – We Don’t Know Football.

8 07 2009


We’re not sure how this site came to our attention, but jumping from site to site you sometimes stumble upon one that just fits.  We Don’t Know Football (WDKF) is a collection of writers who are able to bring a much needed perspective to the world of football.  This witty commentary created by the WDKF team is right up our alley.  Maybe we are a little cynical, remember we are Americans who follow football, but the content of this site will be monitored by the Thugs daily.

Self described as, “qualified arm chair managers who will attempt to inject humor and elements of pop culture into the game that we all love,” we salute you WDKF, you have done just that, and we thank you for it.

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Among the Thugs announces a new summer signing.

24 06 2009


Among the Thugs would like to officially announce the newest signing to our team.  Today we have signed Andy for an undisclosed fee.  We welcome him with open arms and look forward to his insight for all things coming out of Villa Park.  Andy’s talents have been witnessed on many occasions, and we are honored to have him represent us.

This signing is a testiment to the growth of the serious American football fan.  The movement has begun, the momentum is rolling, watch out football world.  Welcome Andy, you are now a Thug.

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Link Addition – Pitchslap

23 06 2009


Among the Thugs would like to announce a new summer signing to The Sources, as well as to the friends section.  Pitchslap is a site that will bring you the latest Football gossip, from on and off the Pitch.  This site offers a very slick design along with news, rumors, and intense detail surrounding the Premier League, including transfers, agents, chairman (of each club), and even journalists.

Not to mention they were the ones to break the story to us about ESPN.

Loaded with information this is a site that Among the Thugs will be sure to track.  Come along with us.

Updated: The Sources

Link Addition –

9 06 2009


Among the Thugs has just added a link to The  Now we have been tracking this site for a while, and it is a must add.  Fantastic interface, in-depth news for each country, league, team, whatever, from around the world.  The thing that sends this site over the top is the Breaking News section.  Up to date information listed chronologically, by country, updated all day long?  Yes please.

With a slick site, and a magazine on the way, this is a company to watch.  Subscribing?  Not just yet, but we are impressed and on alert.