Chelsea’s Away Kit – As Bad As Any Newcastle Jersey

15 07 2010

Well, we discussed how bad ass Chelsea’s new home kit (seen to the right) is a while back.  The red pop in the collar, and the Batman-tight fit will be flying around the Bridge and scoring goals like never before.

Our away kit, which was just released, is the complete opposite.  Black and orange? Are you kidding me?  Are Chelsea going to be playing in AYSO this season?  I hate, hate black as a jersey color.  It’s meant to look tough, but it just looks dumb instead.  And orange?  Where exactly is that coming from – are we trying to recruit Wesley Sneijder or something?  Hopefully the third kit will be a step up from this.  Last years 3rd kit was f***ing sweet – (hint for any Thugs looking for a last minute Christmas gift for Markie).

Hull City here we come!


Good News, Bad News pt. 2

27 02 2010

Oh wait, there’s only bad news.  Chelsea loses at home (which we don’t do) 2-4 to Man City.  Cech is injured from our Champions League match against Inter Milan and is out for a month, and our backup tender can’t keep a one-year old from crawling past him.  Michael Essien and Ashley Cole are still out.  John Terry is playing like a man who can’t concentrate because of something going on in the news… not quite sure what that may be.

All in all, Chelsea is hanging on by a prayer to the thought of pulling out the title.

Real Reason John Terry Was Stripped Of Being Captin of England:

8 02 2010

BREAKING NEWS: We here at Among The Thugs have just acquired a video tape that has not yet surfaced to the main stream media. We have managed to make friends in some very high places and through careful and delicate exchanges we have put ourselves in prime position for stories like this one:

The real reason John Terry was relieved of his captin duties was do to a video of him being interviewed by a detective inside police headquarters in London. The video tells of some pretty heavy criminal activity and how Terry is right in the mix. As you will be able to tell we have obtained this tape through some of our foreign relations [hence the sub titles]. Proud to bring you this tape and proud to be on the cutting edge of football journalism.