Guess Who Is Coming To Your Club…

28 05 2010

Thats right its transfer rumour time!!! I HATE IT!!!!! My “breaking news” sites that I check everyday for the latest news on Newcastle United  {as well as I’m sure every other club} is full of he said she said of who is coming and going for next season squad. None of these rumours ever end up being true and it really is just a waste of time but here are a few potential transfers that I have read over the last 2 weeks:

-Fernando Torres to Manchester City

-Steven Gerrard to Celtic

-Cesc Fabregas to Barcelona

-Steven Taylor to Arsenal

-Marlon Harewood to Newcastle United

-Jermaine Beckford to Newcastle United

-Didier Drogba to LAFC Chelsea {womens league cuz he is a bitch}

-Robin Van Persie to Chip n Dale FC

Maybe some of these will go through but honestly who can you trust. Thank goodness for the World Cup next month cuz Im already bored!!!


The Poll Has Closed: Who is the fan favorite and best around?

8 02 2010

After retrieving  all our backed up data here at Among The Thugs and de-coding all the schematics that we acru on a daily basis, I was able to decipher the results of our “Thugs Fans Support…?” post. With an amazing response and surprising number of viewers, this post has been one of our biggest and most popular todate.

With over 11,500 voters here are the results:

-Arsenal comes in dead last with 2%

-Other 4% {wow….other beats Arsenal….maybe Louie could post about that!!!}

-Liverpool 6% {…..lemon juice to an open cut…..ouch}

-Man U 10% {suprising}

-Aston Villa 14% {with a side show like Andy I’m sure the villa numbers will continue to rise}

-Chelsea 28% {proves that there really are a lot of stupid people in this world}

-Newcastle United 36% { Not really suprising at all! We are the peoples club}

 With just over 4,100 votes supporting the magpies it is safe to say that the people have spoken…… and the best around is………..NEWCASTLE UNITED!!

Pre-Smack 3: Aston Villa vs Arsenal

22 12 2009

A light smack to tide you over…

PRE-SMACK 2 — Aston Villa vs. Man U

9 12 2009

My predictions and a very special guest…

Van Persie Freaks Out Against Tottenham

1 11 2009

Arsenal destroyed Tottenham 3 to nil on Saturday. Robin Van Persie put on a show with 2 goals, one in the 42min and another in the 60th. Robin was on his way to goal number 3 in the 82min with a clear break away when he suddenly lost control of his entire body. Robin later confessed that he caught sight of a very large spider directly in the path of the ball. He said “I just got scared. My body went into fight or flight mode and I obviously freaked out like a little girl before her first ballet recital”.  You can see Robin Van Persie’s freak out here:

Chelsea celebrates victory… as only they can

31 10 2009

Today the Chelsea Football Team let their hair down and celebrated their 4-0 victory over the Bolton Wanderers. When Michael Ballack was asked for a quote he responded, “You spin me right round baby, right round like a record, baby!! Chelsea rules Bolton drools!!”… and then galloped away at a gingerly pace.  

Man, I’m glad I’m an Aston Villa fan… hey, didn’t we beat Chelsea? …Me thinks we did.

New ASSton Villa Fight Song

12 10 2009