Manchester United = Confederate Army

18 06 2010

The American Civil War was a very brutal and disturbing time the U.S. This war saw the division of many towns, friends, and families. We read about the country being dividing into two; neighbors turning against neighbors, fathers turning against sons, and BROTHER turning against BROTHER.

The war came down to two different beliefs. The south: which stood for a way of thinking that dehumanized men, women, and children. They held themselves up as being greater than the rest of the land and greater than all those who did not appear to look like them. And the north: which stood for freedom, freedom for all mankind. Liberty and equality for all.

With the 2010-2011 season’s fixtures being released earlier in the week we see a repeat of history and of what we all have read before. Brother against brother as Newcastle United will face Manchester United on their opening day match. Newcastle United are from the north and are a club that play for the people and for all of mankind. Manchester United are from the south [at least south of Newcastle] and perceive themselves as being better than the rest, just like the southern states during that tragic period in American history.

So Sean…my brother…we will have to do battle my friend. I don’t want to but we must. So in ending this post I have one question for you………….Who won the Civil War?

WE DID!!!!!


Guess Who Is Coming To Your Club…

28 05 2010

Thats right its transfer rumour time!!! I HATE IT!!!!! My “breaking news” sites that I check everyday for the latest news on Newcastle United  {as well as I’m sure every other club} is full of he said she said of who is coming and going for next season squad. None of these rumours ever end up being true and it really is just a waste of time but here are a few potential transfers that I have read over the last 2 weeks:

-Fernando Torres to Manchester City

-Steven Gerrard to Celtic

-Cesc Fabregas to Barcelona

-Steven Taylor to Arsenal

-Marlon Harewood to Newcastle United

-Jermaine Beckford to Newcastle United

-Didier Drogba to LAFC Chelsea {womens league cuz he is a bitch}

-Robin Van Persie to Chip n Dale FC

Maybe some of these will go through but honestly who can you trust. Thank goodness for the World Cup next month cuz Im already bored!!!

Year In Review

9 05 2010

WOW what a season!!! As much as it hurts to say it but congrats to Mark and Chelsea FC on winning the title a few hours ago. But with THAT low point of the season this year has been filled with many wonderful moments for all of us here at Among The Thugs. This being our first season writing this blog I would just like to kind of recap some of those amazing times.

Remember when:

1. Andy came on board with Aston Villa and actually predicted the out come of a few high-profile matches. His crazy brand of wit and stupidity took us to new worlds. {what ever happened to Andy?}

2. Mark also came on board and chose to support the one team that he knew would receive the most hate from the rest of the Thugs. But Mark also added a great dimension to the site. Though not as witty and stupid as Andy, Mark came with his own sense of intellectualism that no one really understands and really doesn’t make a whole lot of sense. But now we get to hear Mark’s bla bla bla for an awful long time now so for all our dedicated readers I do apologise.

3.Among The Thug Radio!!! Brilliant!!!! Although we have only had a few shows it was an amazing find. You may all look forward to many for episodes of us trying to sound smart but really just making fun of Mark and Chelsea.

4.Sean……the brains behind this life fulfilling journey. If not for Sean and his posts on game play strategy and British definitions this site would simply be videos of Japanese game show where guys get hit in the balls and Man U fans named Benny.

5.Jason… posted the recipe of what has become one of my most favorite beers in the world…..and for that I owe you my life.

6. Shawn…this season saw you and me take the verbal abuse week after week after week of being in the Championship League. But through all that you and I have come out victorious my friend!!!! NEWCASTLE IS BACK AND BEAUTIFUL!!!! Thanks for being there with me…..

7. Louie………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………

Seriously, from all of us here at Among The Thugs we would like to thank all of you that have shown interest in our site. Thanks to all of you that have helped us become what you see today. A very special thanks to everyone at Pitchslap, EPL Talk, We Don’t Know Football, Just Thanks for all your support and feedback. We look forward to bringing all of you some interesting post during the World Cup.  Thanks again….

Carling Cup Celebrities Give Back To Community

5 03 2010

Last Saturday Manchester United defeated Aston Villa to retain the Carling Cup for a second year. All week we have seen the Man U stars appearing in various sit down interviews, speaking at schools and charity events, and also showing up on local and world wide television spots. Wayne Rooney spoke at a charity event to help raise funds for Portsmouth FC. Michael Owen talked to a local Manchester community arts and crafts association group that focuses on glass blowing. Patrice Evra got the honor of cutting the ribbon for a new acting school opening up right out side Manchester. Ji-Sung Park  was a guest contestant on a Japanese game show. He was playing for his favorite charity. Here is a clip of Mr. Park {he is the one in the pink robe}

Happy Valentines Day From All Of Us Here At Among The Thugs

12 02 2010

Found this song {thanks to Louie, I guess this is his first post} and wanted to share it with ALL of you. Thank you for supporting us!

The Poll Has Closed: Who is the fan favorite and best around?

8 02 2010

After retrieving  all our backed up data here at Among The Thugs and de-coding all the schematics that we acru on a daily basis, I was able to decipher the results of our “Thugs Fans Support…?” post. With an amazing response and surprising number of viewers, this post has been one of our biggest and most popular todate.

With over 11,500 voters here are the results:

-Arsenal comes in dead last with 2%

-Other 4% {wow….other beats Arsenal….maybe Louie could post about that!!!}

-Liverpool 6% {…..lemon juice to an open cut…..ouch}

-Man U 10% {suprising}

-Aston Villa 14% {with a side show like Andy I’m sure the villa numbers will continue to rise}

-Chelsea 28% {proves that there really are a lot of stupid people in this world}

-Newcastle United 36% { Not really suprising at all! We are the peoples club}

 With just over 4,100 votes supporting the magpies it is safe to say that the people have spoken…… and the best around is………..NEWCASTLE UNITED!!

Thug Radio – Man U vs. Aston Villa

11 12 2009

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