PRE-SMACK 2 — Aston Villa vs. Man U

9 12 2009

My predictions and a very special guest…


Chelsea celebrates victory… as only they can

31 10 2009

Today the Chelsea Football Team let their hair down and celebrated their 4-0 victory over the Bolton Wanderers. When Michael Ballack was asked for a quote he responded, “You spin me right round baby, right round like a record, baby!! Chelsea rules Bolton drools!!”… and then galloped away at a gingerly pace.  

Man, I’m glad I’m an Aston Villa fan… hey, didn’t we beat Chelsea? …Me thinks we did.

Bolton’ to the top. Manchester United 2 Bolton 1.

19 10 2009

Mountain Top View

Thanks to an inspired pre-match smack by Andy (see post below), Aston Villa picked Chelsea up early Saturday morning (remember we are West Coast stateside), put them in their golden high chair, got out their diamond encrusted silver spoon, and fed them a warm bowl of shutty stew.

This opened the path for United to sit at the summit of the league again. 2-1 victory later that is where we are.  Why bore you with the details, just enjoy the peace and quiet of the view.

It’s a nice view up here boys, a nice view.

New ASSton Villa Fight Song

12 10 2009