Yanks take over the EPL!!

10 08 2010

I love Aston Villa. I love the US…. to think that I may get my two favorite things in the same bottle brings a tear to my eye. It’s like being able to drop a deuce in Vegas while I smoke a cigar and nibble on shrimp cocktail. Tommy likey. Tommy want wingy. Hey Chuck, you know that new sound you been lookin’ fo? Well, listen to this…

United States head coach Bob Bradley is being considered for a career-defining move to the English Premier League with Aston Villa!!!!

Oh, and screw Martin “Shizzah eater” O’Neil!!!


Championship League Relegated

18 12 2009

Seriously… the new Fox Soccer website absolutely blows.  Not only has Microsoft ruined everything, as usual, but they launched it with a shite load of bugs so that it didn’t even work properly for a few days.  In fact all the fixtures were all in Spanish until earlier today.

Also, poor Jake & Shawn are going to have to find news elsewhere since FSC could care less about the Championship League as they have no content or links for it anymore.  Not that I blame them.