Goodbye Phil Brown….

21 03 2010

It took me a few days to really think about this post. I wanted to be proper and maybe even a little kind to Phil now that Hull City has let him go. Every time I tried to take the high road my memory replayed the look on his face when even though his team got beat by Man U’s scrubs on the last day of matches last season, he gave the fans an evil little smile. All I wanted to do on that day was shove his Bobby Brown/the guy who sold the Sham Wow’s [before his tongue was bitten in half by a prostitute] headset down his throat. But I am a peaceful man. So in a move to let the water pass under the bridge I found a song that I think will be perfect for Phil Brown. Goodbye Phil. Goodbye.


Hollywood Update…

27 09 2009



With the new season of American Idol just around the corner, Fox is looking to follow it up with another crack at “Cavemen”, the story of a trio of Neanderthals struggle to live in modern day America. Based on the characters featured in a series of television ads for Geico Insurance.  Fox’s only hold up is weather or not Carlos Tevez, who was one of the founding actors in the tv ads, would be interested in putting on the costume [preppy pants and his baby blue v-neck sweater] once more. Mr. Tevez was very upset when Cavemen was pulled and vowed he would never again put the sweater vest on again. 

When more information is released I will be posting further details on Mr. Tevez’s return to television in “Cavemen”.