The Abbey


Our Abbey, The British & Dominion Social Club, is our official match day provider.  This place is where British people in America go to be British.  This is not a sports bar, this is a social club where they show football.  We were lucky enough to stumble upon this treasure, and they are kind enough to let us Yanks in.  Maybe it is because we come at 5 in the morning, dressed in our colors, order beers for breakfast, and yell with the best of them.  We sometimes feel like they are looking at us with pride, like a father who is looking at his son walk for the first time.

Here is a small description of the Abbey:

“The Club was formed in 1963 by a group of British and Irish ex-patriots who wanted to create a forum for the traditional British Pub style of socializing and a home away from home.  The focal point of the Club is the “Pub” where members and their guests meet daily to socialize after work or play. We have a full-service bar serving spirits, wine and a large selection of imported draught beers. Coffee, tea and snacks such as traditional meat pies are also available. Our many screens show live English Premier League football from the early hours of Saturday and Sunday mornings when we also serve an English sausage breakfast for $5 prepared by different club member volunteers.”

If you are in town, look them up, and experience what we do every week.  It is a joy to watch someone walk in for the first time.  The look on their face is priceless.  But when they leave they are ready to call it their Abbey as well.


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