A Letter To Lionel Messi

22 06 2010


Dear Messi,

I just finished watching you play for team Argentina were you beat team Greece 2-nil. And I have to say that you really impressed me. Your first touch is absolutely amazing. Being that your only 23 years old and leading your country in the largest stage in the world is pretty incredible. This past season playing for Barcelona were you recorded 34 goals in league play. Man you are on the top of your game!

But Messi, I really have a bone to pick with you. You are only 23 years old and make over 9.5 million pounds a year from Barcelona. You travel all over the world and are loved by millions……..but seriously……what are you thinking with your hair?!?!?! Have you looked in a magazine or watched a movie? No one has a business in the front party in the back bowl cut anymore! You look like Jose Canseco in the 80’s when he played for the Oakland A’s and was doing forearm bumps with Mark McGwire. Do you drive a Trans Am? Do you wear a jean jacket? Do you peg your pants? Do you listen you Def leopard? Cause you look like you do!! When I look at your highlights it looks like I’m watching the episode of Knight Rider when David Hasselhoff had to play football to stop a drug lord from selling crack to inner city kids {Kit had to come and save the day once again….it was was pretty sweet!}.

But really I just wanted to write you this letter Messi, asking you to please change the hair. It really looks bad.

Your Friend,





3 responses

13 07 2010

Why do you think your culture is in a position to judge other cultures ?

Let alone you as a human being… to judge someone else’s choice of hair, clothing, etc ?

14 07 2010


Why do you think your non-judging culture is in a position to judge Jacob’s judging culture? Let alone you as a human being…to judge someone else’s opinion on hair, clothing, etc?

Your irrational thought will not stand here. If your hair is just like Messi’s then wear it with pride if you like…but don’t come here badgering people with good looking hair (I’m speaking of myself naturally – Jacob, if you didn’t know, is bald). Be proud, but not defensive, GANZ. Be assertive, but make sense, GANZ. Be a man with bad hair, and stand strong – for there can be only one GANZ.

30 09 2010
armenian_iranian girl

I can just say lionel is the best in the world.I love you and your game messi.

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