Radio Show Reminder

28 11 2009

Just a reminder that Among the Thugs is hosting our first radio show tomorrow morning at 9:00am (PST) on Blog Talk Radio (click here for our show page). We will be starting right at the second half of the Chelsea v. Arsenal match, and discussing the 1st half and also Premier League in general.

We hope you can join us.

If not check out the Chelsea blog.


Finkel & Einhorn…

28 11 2009

Watching Tottenham draw with Aston Villa today and I think Shawn Bradley has come out of retirement from basketball to give English football a shot.  Holy cow Crouch looks awkward.

Giggs hits the century mark. Manchester United 4 Portsmouth 1.

28 11 2009

Yes, United beat Pompey at Fratton Park this morning, but really, was there any doubt.  So I will jump straight to the milestone that was reached today.

Ryan Giggs scored his 100th career Premier League goal today in typical smooth, silky, Giggs fashion.  On the eve of his 36th birthday, Giggs has found a second life as the United playmaker and is going to be vital to our campaign. If you are a fan of English football, and do not know much about Ryan Giggs, I suggest you read about him here, because you will surely hear his name for the rest of your life.

To celebrate this occasion, here is probably the best one of those hundred:

Happy Birthday Ryan, here’s to you!  Glory, glory, Man United!

Get your receipts out.

24 11 2009

How badly do you have to be embarrassed for you to feel the need to reimburse your fans for attending a match?  Apparently a 9-1 thrashing is enough.

Tottenham crushed, destroyed, humiliated a pathetic Wigan side.  The embarrassing performance has lead the players, not the club, but the players, to personally refund the fans who bought a ticket and made the trip to North London.

Wigan captain Mario Melchiot stated, “We feel that as a group of players we badly let down our supporters yesterday, and this is a gesture we HAVE TO make and pay them back for their tremendous loyalty.  There is not a lot else to say, just that as a group of professionals we were embarrassed by the way we performed, we feel it was below our standards and this is something we feel we owe to the fans.”

This is a very noble step for the Wigan players to take, but could also set a very dangerous precedent for refunding fans due to “embarrassing” circumstances.  The newest claims to be made by fans:

Arsenal fans are requesting refunds for every match where van Persie has scored and screamed like a girl while flailing his hands about in front of his mouth.

Chelsea fans are looking for refunds for any time that they sat close enough to get sprayed by Drogba’s Soul Glow.  Rumor has it that the “splash zone” includes anyone in the first 6 rows of any stadium.

Liverpool fans would like to be refunded for any game either Torres or Gerrrard did not play in, which may be about every game.

Aston Villa fans are looking for a refund for any jersey purchased due to the fact that the color “Claret” just sounds gay.

Newcastle fans would like a refund for all of last season.

Manchester United fans are perfect.

Random Thoughts

21 11 2009
  • Good to see Chelsea dominate even without several players.  Granted it was Wolverhampton, but still…
  • Great news about Chelsea’s transfer ban being suspended upon appeal.  Means we can go shopping after all!
  • Lastly, while watching Everton get destroyed by Man U today I couldn’t help but think their uniforms were reminiscent of something else:

Sir Alex = Richard Simmons

12 11 2009

Wiley, before the matchSir Alex Ferguson went all fitness guru on referee Alan Wiley and is now banned from his bench for 2 games this season, plus 2 more next season, for saying Wiley was unfit… aka ‘a fat lump o shite’… after Man U’s Oct. 3rd draw with Sunderland.  Ferguson said that he was convinced after he saw Wiley sneaking bites of a Luther Burger from inside his uniform.  It was further confirmed when Wiley was twenty minutes late for the second half because, as he said, “Blimey, the line at concession was bloody long.”

I want to give some serious respect to Sir Alex, or as Sean calls him “Big Daddy”, for this honest reproach of Wiley.  I hate a culture that demands pc behavior, so if a ref is fat you should be able to call him fat… regardless of whether the Queen has knighted you or not.  Cheers to you Sir Alex.


What do you mean we're out of chips?!?!!

I Had the Chelseas Last Night! — “I think it’s the Pate”

9 11 2009