Chelsea’s Away Kit – As Bad As Any Newcastle Jersey

15 07 2010

Well, we discussed how bad ass Chelsea’s new home kit (seen to the right) is a while back.  The red pop in the collar, and the Batman-tight fit will be flying around the Bridge and scoring goals like never before.

Our away kit, which was just released, is the complete opposite.  Black and orange? Are you kidding me?  Are Chelsea going to be playing in AYSO this season?  I hate, hate black as a jersey color.  It’s meant to look tough, but it just looks dumb instead.  And orange?  Where exactly is that coming from – are we trying to recruit Wesley Sneijder or something?  Hopefully the third kit will be a step up from this.  Last years 3rd kit was f***ing sweet – (hint for any Thugs looking for a last minute Christmas gift for Markie).

Hull City here we come!




5 responses

15 07 2010

are u dumb.. this kit looks really good and its sotin different.

17 07 2010

It’s great.

17 07 2010

Wait nvm it replaced our great old away jersey with the black and blue stripes. To me it looked like a third kit.

18 07 2010

Jay, if sotin different is all it requires for you to think a kit looks good, then by all means buy it and wear it with pride. You’ll just look like a douche is all.

19 07 2010

I like the black with orange, but really the red looks awful on the blue…what happened to the neon green?

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